Want to Know the Best IPTV Services for 2019? Read This Now!


The article below is your IPTV streaming guide for Firesticks, Android TVs and Boxes, Mobiles and other handheld devices. This also includes iOS, Windows and Mac devices as well.


The recommendations below are a great way to begin your cord cutting venture to watch your favorite channels online. They are a cost-effective solution to streaming cable TV channels that normally would cost plenty for each.


Let’s look at a couple things first as we get started. For the list below, you would simply need to buy the IPTV subscription and DL the apps on your supported device(s). These services offer Live TV streaming up to a 1080p resolution.


Ok so while these apps are primarily used for Live TV streaming, some will also include VOD options for movies and shows as well. Most of them support EPG or TV Guide to give you scheduled TV access.


Additionally, some of the services below include Catch-Up TV and Multi-Screen features. All the IPTV services below offer IPTV subscriptions and are loaded with their own content. These services have hundreds of channels to choose from the USA as well as some international channels.



Halo Streams


Halo Streams is becoming extremely popular due to the setup of their SOPlayer app. It has a premium interface that has a great layout and is easy to use. It looks the most like your cable options. They offer over 600+ Premium HD channels of Live Tv, Sports, and Movies for only $25 a month. USA, Canada, UK and a couple other countries. This will soon be the most sought-after IPTV service. The streams are all HD the quality is excellent. It comes with a great movie and content selection, and they even have a free 24hr trial.


The Players Klub IPTV


Players Klub is one of the most popular IPTV services today. It costs $8/mth and offers up about 3K cable channels from USA, Canada, UK and several other countries. Most of the channels stream full HD at 1080p. The remainder are available at 720p resolution.


While it is one of the most sought-after IPTV services, they’ve been having ongoing issues with their payment portal. If you already have an existing account, you may experience problems renewing your subscription. If you are new, you may also find The Players Klub IPTV plans out of stock often times.


They have removed their VOD content recently as well, though they do offer Live EPG if you desire to keep up to date on what’s happening in TV today.


To sum up, The Players Klub is a great IPTV service choice. It has a professional grade user-interface which is both easy to use and quick to respond.



Sportz TV IPTV


Another great option is Sportz TV, which works really great with FireStick. You get access to over 6500 satellite channels globally including USA, Canada, UK and other popular countries.


Sportz TV will run you about $14.95/mth and while it seems a bit costlier than the others, its reliability is over and above the others. Additionally, for the monthly fee, you get two connections, allowing you to share with friends or family.


It is supported on all Android devices, including the earlier mentioned FireStick, Android TV, mobile and tablets. You will need to sideload it though or manually install it as it isn’t available on any official channel yet.


There is a VOD section with this IPTV service. It’s got a huge lineup of on-demand movies and shows. There is Live EPG here as well or TV Guide to keep you current with what’s on TV.


Sportz TV also streams most of its content in full HD at 1080p while the remaining channels will play at 720p resolution.



Area 51 IPTV


A very popular IPTV service, Area 51 is great for FireStick and other Android devices; so popular in fact that the developers keep its plan out of stock often to keep optimal bandwidth management at peak levels. If you land on this site and have a chance to sign-up, do it as you will really enjoy this app, especially if you’re a big fan of Live TV.


At only $10/mth, Area 51 IPTV delivers very high-quality streaming channels. Their plans cover quarterly, bi-annually and yearly plans. We would recommend though sticking to monthly plans as you never know when the service may run out of business.


With that said, they have been around a bit with a good track record. They have 24/7 support with ticketing to help you address any hiccups you come across.


This app will work on FireStick and other Fire TV devices, including Android TVs, Android Boxes and mobiles. They also have a Kodi addon which is used with windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and more…even Raspberry Pi! This one is one the most popular on the market today.



Eternal TV IPTV


As popular as Area 51, it may be this way because of it being unavailable often to better manage bandwidth like Area 51 does. Anecdotes from subscribers tell of high satisfaction of reliability and rate it as one of the top IPTV services.


You will get access to over 2000 cable TV channels for $5/mth for a single user. Eternal IPTV does, however, have multi-user plans for family and friends if you want to share.


It’s got a great user-friendly interface and high-quality streaming of top TV channels from around the globe. It also lets you use the Live EPG to keep tabs with your TV schedule.


While it is only available for Android devices, it does have a Kodi addon to stream it to Windows, Mac and Linux computers as well as iOS and Windows mobiles and more.





Starting at $7/mth for a basic plan, Helix IPTV comes with a very large collection of global TV channels, including Canada, USA, UK and tons of international channels. Every once in a while, Helix IPTV will offer full train access for 48hrs for $1. Good to do if you wanted to give it a test drive first.


There is a bit of localization with this service if it helps. They cater to each country’s location. For example, the plans in the USA/Canada have a USA/Canada only plan. You can also choose whether to use VOD and adult content or not.


The triple Helix plan offers an all-inclusive “everything” plan. You receive all channels from the UK, USA, Canada, all international channels, full HD VOD and adult content. Streaming services are at 1080p with ticketed support in place.


It will run on Android devices only though. Like the others, it does have an Addon that extends its use to Windows, Mac, iOS raspberry Pi and others.



Expedite TV IPTV


There are over 800 channels with Expedite TV with the most popular coming from USA in HD quality. You will also see channels from Canada, the UK and several international locations.


In addition to Live TV, Expedite IPTV has a pretty good selection of VOD movies and shows. They also feature sports content and local news.


Expedite TV comes in at $24/mth. While it sounds a bit pricy, it comes with support for 5 simultaneous connections (just under $5/person per mth). Now they do have a $59 for 3 months plan but as we’ve mentioned earlier, while you can save $13 overall on the front end, if the service folds before that due date for renewal, you will have lost out on your investment. They do have a one-time opt for a free 24hr trial (no credit card needed) so you can access their complete full-range of services.


They offer up a good quality 1080p solution for the vast majority of channels.


Keep in mind here though that Expedite IPTV does not have an app, but it is available with the Lenox media player app. As for Lenox, its available on Android through the app store (Play Store or Apple App store respectively). It can also be sideloaded on your FireStick. It is available as a web link to stream via your browser on your computer.



Gears TV Reloaded IPTV


Another very reliable one is Gears TV Reloaded if you enjoy Live streaming on your FireStick. Having over 350 channels from the USA, Canada, UK and globally around other countries. They also offer Live EPG as well as sports scores and a catch-up sections.


Chat is also available in the app to talk to other online members. It also has a split-screen feature called Multi-view giving you the opportunity to stream up to 4 sessions on the same screen.


It is a bit costlier than the other paid services, but its reliability works almost error free, supported on all Android devices, including FireStick.



Sapphire Secure IPTV


You can stream any of the over 4000 HD quality channels across all Android devices, as well as Smart TVs, mobiles and tablets. The most popular channels here come from the USA, and United Kingdom.


Sapphire Secure IPTV comes with EPG or TV Guide letting you keep an eye on your TV schedule that day. This IPTV service also has the multi-screen feature allowing you to stream up to 4 channels simultaneously on one screen.



Wrapping Up


Well there you have it, that’s our list of 2019s Best IPTV Services on the market today.  Given that more and more, cord-cutting is becoming more popular than ever, it’s no surprise more people choose streaming IPTV daily than ever before. For the vast majority of us, we are happy with the options available, so we are able to customize our entertainment experience quite quickly and easily.


Did we miss any others that are a great deal? If so, please comment below!

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