Are you new to the world of IPTV? The kind that you just happened to stumble upon the concept of IPTV and have hundreds of questions in your mind about what an IPTV box is, which one should you buy? If you have been wishing for an article that could help explain to you what to do, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are not just going to cover some basic facts about an IPTV box but also review some of the absolutely best IPTV boxes in the market. 


What Is An IPTV Box?

To explain what IPTC box is, you would first need to know what IPTV acronym really means. The term IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol Television.” The IPTV services and devices allow the televised transmission of content such as live streaming videos or on-demand videos over the internet. 

While the definition is definitely broad, IPTV does not include popular websites such as Netflix and/ or Youtube. IPTV services connect a viewer to a particular server by using the internet connection and separate hardware or software player.  By subscribing to certain services, the subscriber gains access to their choice of channels and content that gets displayed on the TV screen. If you want to view IPTV content, you would first need to have your very own IPTV box.


Formuler Z8

Coming from one of the most demanded and renowned IPTV box manufacturers in the world, the Z8 is sought to being an astonishing device that is known for being absolutely cutting-edge. With one of the best user interfaces, the Formuler Z8 has a lot of amazing things in stock for you. While being one of the most notable features of having an external antenna, the Formuler Z8 supports a lot of apps and has a great EPG. Even if your router is placed on a different floor, you will be able to stream heavy-duty content without much difficulty. 


MAG 324

The con: MAG 324 is not necessarily cutting-edge.

The pro: Despite the con, MAG 324 has all the features that satisfy all the fundamental aspects of what makes an IPTV box worth having.

But if you want to have something that can stream in HDR or 4K, MAG 324 has certain limitations and is bound to let you down. The reason? It only goes up to 1080p in resolution and can not really do 3D or HDR images. But for most of the people who have TV screens supporting 1080p only, MAG 324 is an excellent choice. This IPTV device is really quick so the user will not have to bother with much buffering or loading issues. Even though MAG 324 makes use of an in built antenna, it is able to connect to the routers easily while maintaining quite a stable connection. 


BuzzTV XR4000

Excellent picture quality, extremely fast and super powerful – BuzzTv’s XR4000 has got it all! If you are on a lookout for a phenomenal IPTV device to fulfill your wish of viewing 4K and HDR picture while enjoying a great user interface that is not just easy to the eyes but also intuitive in nature, you are going to want to check out BuzzTv’s XR4000. The remote control can be easily customized by using shortcut inputs and not to miss, the menu loads up at the speed of sound! This IPTV box makes for a perfect pick for someone who likes to customize not just the remote control but also the settings. How about setting the IPTV box to turn itself on and bring you to the main menu, the channel list, the program guide, and other areas.


Beelink BT3-X

Endowed with Celeron N3450 CPU which can go up to 2GHz along with 4GB of DDR3 RAM, the Beelink BT3-X can be easily called a small computer that comes installed with Windows 10 but can be conveniently set up with Linux. Now comes the question, why should you choose Beelink BT3-X instead of MAG 324 or BuzzTv’s XR4000? Because it will cause no problems to load the software onto a Windows 10 PC but you must, for all the obvious reasons, check with your provider. Other than using this wonderful gadget for IPTV purposes, it is capable of doing almost anything that Windows 10 computers can do which makes the entire setup even better. As far as the resolution is concerned, it can play up to 4096 X 2160 @60Hz which implies that it has no issues in streaming the all new 4K Ultra HD videos.


Now that we have explained what is an IPTV box, what it does and some of the most brilliant IPTV boxes that are all set to rule the market in 2020, which one are you going to buy? Let us know in the comments section.

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