Video is an extremely powerful storytelling medium that can change the way how businesses run their promotional campaigns, the experimental content ideas, the influential ideas that marketing teams keep coming up with to up the marketing game of the band.

There is no denial of the fact that live video content has been growing at an increasingly fast pace than the pace at which other video content has been thriving. Nothing strikes an emotional chord in the hearts of customers like video content does which makes up for the fact why live videos have been found to be the most preferred video choice for millions of viewers across the globe. It is important for the brands to stay prepared to fulfill such demands that are bound to occur more often in the future.

What is the growth prospect of live videos?
If the reports and market study is to be believed, the live video streaming industry is expected to reach more than w whopping $70 billion by 2021. With the present trend in view, the brands and businesses have accepted the huge impact that videos make regardless of what they are – a live video or a video on demand (VOD). Believe it or not but brands have actually been installing enterprise video or IPTV platforms that support the distribution and reach of the content on a wider scale.
Having said that, the reliability and capacity of each video platforms differ from the other. As a matter of surprise, even in the digital age, there are brands that still can not share their video content securely and quickly — which sadly makes it almost next to impossible to go live.

Why is there an increase in demand for live video?
No matter what, live video is ‘just’ more engaging. Each one of us views these videos on our mobile devices instead of personal computers, television, and laptops thanks to the portable nature of mobiles. On average, the viewers spend eight times the usual duration to watch the live video content than VOD. Such content is more likely to attract more shares, comments, and likes because of their interactive nature as opposed to previously recorded content. Some time ago, Facebook announced that the live videos are viewed at least 3 times longer than any other video content and receive more than 10 times the number of likes as compared to the usual previously recorded video content on the social media website.

Where can brands make use of live video streaming and IPTV for the better good?
Live video streaming can be easily applied for reaching out to more number of people without having them physically present at the venue for the following –
The address made by CEO
Sports event
Live festivals or music concerts
Townhall address
Attending the speech of speakers at conferences and events
Product launch videos
Behind the scenes access videos
Watch the breaking news

Final word
Whether you believe it or not but mankind has reached a stage where we have all the information in the world just a click away. With all of it available so easily at our fingertips, nobody really wants to wait to grab a hold of it. The things in the world we live in are evolving and changing constantly in a way that communication can be distributed with the blink of an eye by making wise and efficient use of IPTV technology. With such a fast pace that the tech world has picked, can any of us afford to lag behind? We guess not!

What are your views about the ever increasing demand for video content? Do let us know in the comment section.

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