Is cable connection better or streaming? Well, this is an ever evolving, long going battle that will go on! Not if you like paying more money. All that suffers are those dollar rolls in your wallet. The prices have been yo-yoing, and the service providers have been constantly trying to up their game against their competitors. In such a situation, the rise of a conflict can end up being quite a messy thing.


Sure, it can be a tough decision to figure out whether switching to streaming TV services is worth it or if it would be best to keep up with the traditionally paid TV service provider — not just in terms of saving money but also as per the liking.


Here is how you can go through the growing number of viewing options without really burning a big hole in your pocket.


Don’t forget the internet costs

When you subscribe to streaming services like Hulu, Sling or Netflix, the total cost of streaming these services is more than what you pay every month.


You need a good internet connection to stream a video which means that you will have to get your hands on high-speed internet access from the likes of Comcast and AT&T. And let us not forget that this could really cost you a good amount.


The speed and internet packages can vary and you may begin wondering which one is right for you. Your best bet here would be to consult a streaming service provider that you have been able to narrow down on and think about the kind of quality you wish to pay for. 


It is advised by Netflix to have an internet download speed of 5 megabits per second (Mbps) per stream for HD quality video, and 25 Mbps per stream for Ultra HD quality. If multiple devices are to stream at the same time, you will need to have a bigger internet plan. You will have to check it up with your local service providers to see which one among them is offering it at the best pice. 


Beware the real cost of a la carte options

Is it really possible for you to cut the cord, replace the cable that has been streaming every channel on your TV? We say that it is absolutely possible with IPTV. But if you are someone who likes having a wide range of channels on your device, you might want to subscribe to multiple streaming services. 


This implies that if all you have is an active and good internet connection, you can subscribe to Netflix or something like that and save lots of money by ditching the cable. But if you stay, let us assume with your parents, each one of you in the family could have different choices and perhaps, the cable may be a better option for you than subscribing to multiple streaming services.


To get a better understanding, let us talk about a hypothetical family who has subscribed to full streaming services.


The mother likes watching shows on Amazon originals, Showtime and HBO. So if she wants to get access to Amazon Originals, she will need Prime membership for which she will need to shell out $119 a year (turns out to be about $9.92 a month). She could add individual channel subscriptions to her Prime membership to watch Showtime and HBO dramas. Whichever way she chooses, she will have to shell out about extra $10-15 a month, bringing the monthly total to approximately $36


The father of the family may be interested in subscribing to sports channels through the Live TV subscription plan chalked out by Hulu. It runs at $54.99 a month.


Lastly, the kids might want to stream cartoons. The Hulu Live TV subscription would provide access to channels like the Cartoon Network so that the family is not burdened by having to pay anything extra for the cartoons the kids want to watch.


In such a scenario, if the family chooses to have streaming services on a la carte basis, it can be pricey for some households. And mind you — we have not included the cost of internet services here.


Remember to explore all your options

The first step to deciding if the streaming TV services can really replace your current cable is by deciding on which channels and shows do you love, the ones that are absolutely important for you to have, what would the costing be like. So, start making a list already!


After this, the next step would be to figure out which streaming services offer those shows or channels and what is the cost like. You could make use of different resources freely available on the internet to do so. 


Here is an insider tip for you, most of the streaming services do not have any contracts which implies that you can cancel the subscription at any given point in time. You may subscribe to Hulu for one or two months, cancel it and then try out Netflix or Sling, etc. So basically, you can get access to one service at a time and explore various options.


The final word

Cutting the cable connection will definitely save you at least hundreds of dollars every single year. But, here is the catch – making a shift from the pre-recorded background scores and all those game-day crowds can turn out to be really tough! 


Here is how you can make the right decision as per your choice – sit back and think about what would you prefer to watch in the long run, what are your priorities and how much budget do you want to allocate. Take some time out so that you can explore options, compare the prices and figure out what is really important for you. Till the time you do not give up your cable connection, you will have to stay informed about the pack costs and whenever the service provider brings in changes in the pricing.

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